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Voombox Outdoor


  • Booming dual speakers
  • Wireless play from up to 10 meters away
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • 12-hour rechargeable battery
  • Sturdy design built to last

Voombox - Description

The toughest most reliable speaker EVER has just arrived. Introducing the VOOMBOX by Divoom! Built to last through a atomic blast of sound. The Voombox by Divoom is built sturdier and stronger than you've ever imagined possible. The first time you hold it, you'll know it's a keeper. Built to weather not only the weather but anything else life throws at it. Water resistant, shock proof, bluetooth, speakerphone, and more.

The Voombox also has a built in microphone so you can take your calls or conference calls with the push of a button. Amazing!


Truly a life proof speaker built for all of your portable Gadgets and iDevices.

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