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iTour 20


  • Pocket sized collapsible speaker, with big sound
  • Incredible bass you can feel
  • Class D digital amplifier design to offer superior efficiency and great sound
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • "Link-Link" design allows you to connect as many iTour 20 speakers as you like!
  • The "Link-Link" design will also allow you to connect the iTour 20 to other Divoom speakers

iTour-20 - Product Description

The iTour 20 speaker measures a mere 50Wx50Lx35H(mm) but packs a punch like no other. Taking your music to the next level with amazing sound quality, patented vacuum base technology and convenience of no other.

Easily fitting in your pocket just pull out the iTour 20 and connect it to your favorite electronic device and listen as you blow your family & friends away with this amazing little speaker.

All speakers have built in iON lithium rechargeable batteries so you never need to buy batteries. Listen for hours and recharge in about an hour! Connect to your favorite music devices such as: Stereos, Mp3 Players, Ipods, Phones, Game Systems, TV's, Computers, Laptops, Electric Guitars, and more!


Not available for international delivery

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