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Bluetune POP


  • Pocket sized collapsible speaker
  • Improved bass for deeper richer sound
  • Amazing 360 sound
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Fashionable look

Bluetune POP - Product Description

Introducing the massivly improved Bluetune POP which will play your favorite music wireless via bluetooth! Based on the hit selling iTour POP, the new Bluewtune POP expands and improves upon the original in every possible way.

The Bluetune POP introduced phenominal sound at a very affordable price. With a richness in bass and overall sound quality never seen before in portable bluetooth speakers. Keeping to Divooms oath of convenience this little guy can play up to 8 hours and will fit right in your pocket or purse at the size of about the palm of your hand.

All speakers have built in iON lithium rechargable batteries so you never need to buy batteries. Listen for hours and recharge in about an hour! Connect to your favorite music devices such as: Stereos, Mp3 Players, Ipods, iPad, Phones, Game Systems, TV's, Computers, Laptops, Electric Guitars, and more! (Will connect manually or via bluetooth)

Not available for shipment outside USA

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